A qualitative descriptive study conducted in Italy assessed the health needs of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees (ASRs) from their perspective, by holding focus groups with them.

A number of bio-psycho-social health needs emerged. As far as mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, and overthinking were the most common disorders.

Commenting on the findings, the authors report that: “ASRs present vulnerabilities and specific health needs, and the health care system is not always able to guarantee access or to respond to these needs” and suggest a reorganization of service with “a more detailed output analysis of the target population needs, together with the use of cultural mediation, peer-to-peer education, and support, and the training of health professionals”.

More information can be found here:

Marchetti F, Prezioni J, Zambri F et al. Health needs and perception of health care quality among Asylum Seekers and Refugees in an Italian local health authority: A qualitative study. Front Public Health 2023 Apr 12;11:1125125.