In an experimental study, the association between General Practitioners’ individual, interpersonal, and organisational factors and the differences between medical decisions affecting a depressed patient with or without a migration background was assessed. Using one of two video vignettes featuring adult male depressed patients (with or without a migration background), the researchers found ethnic differences in General Practitioners’ decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment recommendations. In the Conclusions was reported that “lower levels of trust among GPs’ towards their migrant patients and high GP workloads contribute to an increased ethnic bias in medical decision-making”, and it was stressed that “This may perpetuate ethnic inequalities in mental health care”.

Duveau C, Wets C, Delaruelle K. Individual, interpersonal, and organisational factors associated with discrimination in medical decisions affecting people with a migration background with mental health problems: the case of general practice. Ethn Health 2024 Jan; 29(1): 126-145.